What is your passion?

What are your fundamental goals in life?

What is stopping you from fulling your potential right now, from achieving your goals and dreams? Fear not, the answers are all within you and together we can find them.

Do you know what you REALLY want out of life? Don’t worry, many don’t! However, together we can discover your priorities and where your real passion in life lies.

Life Coaching is a modern phenomenon, which has already helped many people, in many walks of life, achieve their objectives. It is a simple, yet effective form of talking therapy, where a qualified and skilled Life Coach helps empower the individual to identify their true purpose and then guides them to achieve their goals, whether they are in one’s personal or professional life.

My Approach

I work with you in a constructive, yet challenging, and structured manner, to establish your core beliefs, desires and ambitions and to then guide you in how you can beat achieve them.

In essence, to solve any conflict in our life all we need to do is to identify what is causing the blockage, break it down and then to work out where we want to be and execute a plan towards it. Together we will look at your fundamental beliefs, areas of your life where you feel balance exists and areas which are conflicted and how they can be resolved.

I am a positive, empathetic and supportive person, who is a good listener and I will work closely with you, matching your level of commitment towards your ambitions.

Step 1:
After the initial contact, I will send you an assessment questionnaire prior to our first meeting. Completion of this is essential, as it will form the basis of our working together.

Step 2:
We will then go through a series of exercises, which will assist in identifying where your passion in life lies, as I believe this is the core value which will bring happiness and balance to us all, once we are doing what we really value. We will discuss your goals and I will show you the steps you will need to take to move towards them and ultimately achieve them.

Step 3:
I will set you tasks to complete between meetings and completing them is an essential component of our personal contract, as they are integral to you both finding the answers you seek and achieving your success.

There is no predetermined length of our working together. I am results-focused, so we can terminate our agreement whenever you feel you have reached your goal or if either of us feels the relationship is not working at any stage, within pre-agreed parameters. You are also welcome to take a break and consult with me again whenever you need further guidance.

What will achieving your goals give you?

Even just identifying what is causing a disharmony in our life and finding a path to resolve it can relieve stress and unhappiness. Then, as you start moving towards what really matters to you in life, you will find it brings peace of mind and a renewed purpose and enthusiasm for life.

Why wait? Happiness and success are not the exclusive prerogative of a select few: everyone can achieve it. As the saying goes “life is not a dress rehearsal”, so resolve to act today!

What Life Coaching is NOT

The most important distinction is Life Coaching is not a form of retrospective psychological therapy, as we will only focus forwards and look at ways for achieving your goals.

Occasionally, historical issues will present which I cannot deal with and in such cases I will always be completely honest with you. Therefore, if there are any such factors which impede your progression, I can refer you to an appropriate practitioner in the relevant field. Don’t worry, as this will always be done in a supportive, empathetic and confidential manner.

Another important distinction is a Life Coach will not tell you what to do! Instead, they will help you analyse a problem you face and based on the answers you give to a series of questions and exercises set by the coach, they will ask you to identify the key areas you feel you need to focus on and set you some tasks which will assist you in not only beginning to work towards you goals, but also in attaining them and will equip you with the skills to meet future challenges in a structured way.


Qualifications and experience

I undertook a Life Coaching diploma with The Blackford Centre, receiving a distinction.

Since qualifying, I have continued to read extensively around the subject and I have worked with a number of individuals, presenting with a wide range of challenges, helping them to achieve their aspirations.

I hold full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Articles & Testimonials

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Initial meeting (60 minutes) £90
Follow up meetings (60 minutes) £75


12 sessions for the price of 10 (£750)

Gift vouchers available for a 45 minute taster session £60


Let’s get started

I very much look forward to talking to you and seeing how I can help in your life.

All the best

mark@equinoxcoach.co.uk or call 07581 490 883