How many of us went through school hating most sport, being the last to be chosen for any team activity and has shunned all forms of exercise since?

Circumstances change and we change! How many people do you know who have chosen to get fit, have decided to start running to maybe participate at their local weekly Parkrun, or have gone from being completely inactive to taking on the ultimate challenge of running a marathon, maybe for charity or because it is on their bucket list?

But, I am not a runner! That is fine, it is not for everyone. However, if there is a desire deep down to one day get started, but inhibitions or fears are holding you back, how do you overcome these?

Many people have an anxiety of running on their own, they may be body conscious or they may have tried many times before, only to crash and burn and not been able to keep it up. Does this mean you are not a runner? No, you just haven’t found a way that works yet or had the support you need to commence.

Inertia is the greatest obstacle in any enterprise in life! We all face it! With running, the front door is said to be the greatest obstacle from someone becoming a runner. But what if you had someone to support you?

A skilled running coach understands what it feels like to be a beginner. Ultimately, we all had to start running once! With patience, support and guidance, the coach can help the novice go from not being able to run for the bus, to being able to run 5k at a sensible and sustainable pace in a relatively short time.

The structure is a proven success template: all you need to do is to add the effort and take a leap of faith! It may seem impossible, but everything seemed impossible until someone proved it wasn’t!

You may not be a runner. However, if the desire to take up this cheap and liberating form of exercise does appeal, a few simple steps will transform you into someone who most definitely is!