I began working with Mark at a time when I was very unhappy with my primary employment and the stress of that was spilling over into other areas of my life. I was not initially sure what to expect from the life coaching and was also not sure if it would help me. I have always worked in very fast moving corporate environments, where analysing problems, looking at data and possible solutions and then making decisions is a way of life and hence I always thought that I could apply the same to my career and other areas of life and basically help myself rather than have a life coach.
However I was stuck in a rut and had not been able to actually make any changes to my career. A few months after I started working with Mark, I made a decision to retrain for a new career as well as redeploy my existing skills and experience into different project. I am extremely happy now as I do what I actually enjoy and most important, I have lots of opportunities and projects that I am enthusiastically working towards.

Coaching helped me see possibilities that I had and helped me build my confidence to actually achieve these possibilities.

Also Mark is a thorough professional business coach.